Tree watch: What am I?

winter beech tree and laburnum
Compared to the refined and statuesque Copper Beech, I am somewhat squat and dumpy
medlar_laburnum_barkThe marbled, uniform bark of the Medlar puts my irregularities to shame though insects favour the shelter of the crevices
lime trees and laburnum - gordon squareAll along the walkways, sentinel Limes set an orderly tone to Gordon Square whereas I’m more of a chaotic, multi-trunked conglomerate. I’m aged too and rather common,  with amputated limbs and a most  poisonous reputation.

It is of course, Laburnum anagyroides which, so far, has escaped the predations of  the Health and Saftey police. Hence I’ve chosen to keep a weather eye on this tree and document it in detail throughout 2013, whilst joining Lucy for more Tree following

Laburnum tree in winter – Gordon square

‘It was astonishing to stand at the drawing room window and look into all those trees; the tree which shoots its branches up into the air and lets them fall in a shower; the tree which glistens after the rain like the body of a seal.’ (Virginia Woolf on Gordon Square)


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  1. I am delighted to find that you are blogging with writing again as well as with pictures! As someone whose natural element is more words than pictures, although I enjoy your pictures, I really missed your words!


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