Weekly writing challenge: Juxt-a-posing

The raison d’etre for having recently begun this wordy blog is because I’ve been focusing for over a year or so on solely posting  photos. In the meantime I was missing not having something to write about, other than annotation. It’s  therefore somewhat paradoxical that this week’s writing challenge is to illustrate a narrative with 3-5 images.

Today I’d like to share an ongoing project, based on the style of the monochrome Japanese photo books, which requires few words as the pictures create a narrative by their very adjacency. Consider:-

there is no mot juste equivalent in the visual world
images are to be read rather than just viewed…
…ponderered over and not simply understood

collage of monochrome image samples
From such an array of images, a couplet can can be collaged together

1. Take a quantity of monochromes photos over time until there is a wide selection to browse through, from different days, places and themes etc. The art is to find which images couple together in an almost seamless collage whereby they become more than the sum of the parts.
[I use Picasa 3.9 to create collages – and for those who have not tried it before, rest assured it’s easy and here’s a download link with good tutorial]

two london parks

2. As an example, from the above collection,  I compiled this duo which could be entitled ‘How Green is My City’. 1 The narrative is the same – from two quite different London parks – emphasising the seemingly endless corridors of public space greenery for Londoners  to promendade in. The collage works because it creates a kind of  panorama where the treeline and gardens blend whilst the midline sweep, of fence and park bench, creates an uninterrupted visual horizontal.

picture collage of love
click to view this and other images in my photoblog – eljaygee

3. In this ‘juxt-a-pose’, the visual linearity is present between sign and brick archway but here it is contrasts which are most evident. A yin-yang of light and dark, square versus rounded shapes and the light-hearted versus the profound meanings of love.

4. Every Wednesday, my granddaughter and I simultaneously create and post one image each to a gallery –  and although we are different photographers shooting from different cameras and locations, I am struck by how well the adjacent images stand together. We call it duo-ling.

me and mygrandma screenshot
‘duo-ling’  @ me and my grandma

1. ‘How Green is My City’ image taken from my blurb photobook: Town and Out

Written for the WP Writing Challenge: Image vs Text


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  1. I do enjoy playing with collages – telling a story by combining images. Monochrome would be a new journey for me, reminding me of the photos my father took, and developed and printed himself.


  2. surprise! i was looking for a collage program today … thankfully your comment on my blog led me here … great work laura, and i will follow up the picasa link, thank you 🙂


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