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Today the Daily Prompt suggests shining a little light on 3 favourite bloggers so that others might enjoy them too. At first, it seemed liked a gruelling task, trying to distil down to a threesome the plethora of bloggers in my reader. Since however, I’m posting this from my wordy, as opposed to picture blog(s), I’m only sorting through and highlighting those who predominantly use language as the medium. That makes the choice something like this:

1. NotsofancyNancy – great name for a blog which catalogues letters that her father wrote home, during the war. (And there are many more still to come) As well as the ordinary touching tales of army life there are many photos which bring the whole narrative alive. Currently her labour of love takes her up to 9 November 1944, St. Max France.

2. Rarely a week goes by whereby thewishfactor does not have me grinning or laughing out loud with the Guat’s easy-going observations combined with her straight-from-the-hip humor (she’s American!). In her latest post she’s carping about diems and preferring to watch AMC

3. And then there is Naomi who is writingbetweenthelines and whether its concise or elaborated, she never fails to weave a wonderful tale. Read how she embraced the magical M word recently.

I’m happy to spread the love and would appreciate links to other writers blogs left in the comments.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Press It. Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.


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  1. Thank you so much! Your words brought a tear to my eye knowing that you enjoy my father’s letters. They have showed me how much Dad loved my mother and what a role she played in getting him through the war. I must say I have a new respect for Mom. Thank you once again!


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