Book cover: Monsignor Quixote

I’d recently re-read for the umpteenth time, Graham Greene’s “Monsignor Quixote” and by a process of synchronicity my photoart this week 1 transformed the combative figure of Minerva into associations with the quixotic priest. Hence the inspiration for this mock-up book cover.

The eponymous protagonist and his fellow traveller, the Communist mayor, Sancho,  debate and act out the tensions between  morals and ideals, faith and belief, love and lust,  in a camaraderie borne of kindred spirits. Caught between the legislatures of Church and State, the elderly innocent and his disillusioned companion,  adventure through post-Franco Spain, tilting their noses at authority, in comical parables akin to Cervantes’ Donnish hero.

This tale has all the charm of simplicity, and whilst it breaches believability at times it does so without rousing the reader’s rancour. After all the existential question of reality is a major thread throughout, and one the Mayor is forced to take up, at journey’s end and on the death of his compañero.

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