Me or a switcheroo

At first glance, the Daily Post prompt brought to mind a roll call of bloggers that I’d rather like to be – those who have more humour, creativity, spontaneity, art, craft and a soupçon of je ne sais quois. In short the talented!

Rather than go shape shifting into another blogger though I really do need to stick with being me and working out what it’s all about. Even without summoning Heidegger, being-in-the-blogging-world is difficult enough. Aside from the fact that it’s virtual, are we who we say we are, do we say what we want, or do we even have anything to say?

who are we are are which way is up? eljaygee

I’m not seeking fame yet still have to resist the feedback loop of stats and the pressure to reach the heights of the freshly pressed. Neither am I aiming to make a fortune, or even a dime, and I don’t blog for peace or posterity or even to help aliens understand earthlings. I’m just a cyber junkie on a guilt trip about wasting time.

Switcheroo? I’d rather not but if there is a blogger out there who is spurred into action seconds after the starting gun of daily prompts has gone off , and can publish a post before I say “pingback “,  then perhaps I’d like to be you. At least then my days would be longer, and maybe I’d get a life too.

Less drastically, I’d consider swapping guest posts which is not beyond the bounds of identity theft – sort of switcheroo for a day. Until them, I’m sticking with tell tale therapy, eljaygee, meandmygrandma the three-headed hydra that is Laura Bloomsbury.

Postscipt: To see how I made this intriguing photo, visit eljaygee
Coming Soon – Next Daily Prompt Post – who is Laura and how did she get to be me?

Written for the Daily Prompt: Switcheroo. If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?


4 thoughts on “Me or a switcheroo

  1. Interesting prompt. I like the photo a lot. I don’t know about switcheroo. I think that could be fun, but probably a lot more work than we realize.


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