Rose-coloured not red

bags for street collection

Dear bit-of-myself-that-I-don’t-like

After all this time  and despite numerous New Year resolutions you are still here! Of course it’s not just you; there are plenty of other undesirables but you’re the most prominent, the most vociferous and  just when I’m feeling that God’s is in his heaven, all’s right with the world, out you pop with your diabolical diatribe, like so much cold water.

You are ugly for sure but perhaps unsightly is the best description. I’ve tried opaquing out your view, smothered with plastic bags  like so much alarming medical waste – but there is no collection service.

And there’s the rub! Of-course there’s been no waste disposal because secretly I probably don’t want the separation. Oh so useful at times and there’s that secret buzz when you hit the target but between you and me I’m too old for cynicism. It may be intelligently cute on a youngster but right now it’s starting to look and feel jaded.

Your insights are especially valid when some company/politician/journalist or other is trying to sell something or influence perceptions but that does not mean the whole edifice has to be reduced to a crumbling greyscale mass of insincerity and trickery.

They say that a cynic is just a failed romantic and that smacks of verisimilitude and therefore all you’ve got to do is own up and admit you got disappointed with a capital D. Hurts and letdowns happen so wise up and become more sagacious rather than more bitter. Cease the cassandraesque,  heard-it-all-before attitude. Instead of seeing red, try rose-coloured glasses or even a rose which would smell far sweeter than rancid realism.

I’m not expecting Pollyanna but if you took a back seat and let others do the talking sometimes, it would let in some sunshine and together we might even find God.

Postscript: I’d not intended to take up this challenge as these ‘fessing up in public posts can be a little uncomfortable. But then one post lead to another – beginning with my granddaughter and I seeing Red

Written for the Daily Prompt: Shape up or ship out