III challenge: Imagination

sea of thought photoart
what do you see in my photoart: Sea of Thought

I’m always on the look out for inspiration, albeit in the mistaken belief that with word or image, the capacity to create is just waiting for a nudge, from nature or the heavens or elsewhere.

To inspire also means to breathe in so taking long, relaxed inhalations theoretically should be the answer but still the thought processes stick and whilst others have peeled off another writing or photo challenge, I find myself at the starting post, waiting to be kick started.

In primary school days, the teacher would play a piece of music and we children were encouraged to summon up the images. No matter what the mood or tempo though,  I could only conjure a sunny, deserted beach of wet, rippled sand and bare feet. Now, as an adult learning to relax the mind, the chosen place I ‘teleport’ myself to is likewise always the same – this time,  it’s offworld, inside an and opaque and muffled cloud [looks a little like these]

Finally it has dawned on me that inspiration is primed by imagination and evidently I’ve always been more of a wishful, than free, thinker – and that alas, has made all the difference. Help could be at hand in the form of ‘The Imaginal Institute‘ – a site that seems to promise awakenings as an imaginative activist…but alas it has apparently become inactive.

Meanwhile I’m turning inward and investing this blog with impetus, having changed the theme from the understated ‘Pure & Simple’ to bold, hot-off-the-WordPress ‘Expound’ format, with a blue sky thinking background.  And here’s a short, fun video to  Release Your Imagination whilst I’m walking with Frizztext in this week’s ‘Triple I challenge‘.

Postscript: Please NO ONE mention the anodyne, saccharine Lennon lyrics here, which were far from imaginitive!


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