What on earth?

“What are they” and Where did they come from” have long been the questions that mankind has asked of the boulders strewn across the landscape of Southern Britain. Sandstone, cemented by silica, the sarsens (foreign/Saracen) bear little or no relation to the surrounding geology and the answer to their puzzle, was assumed to be glacial transportation. New theories suggest something far more interesting. Tsunami floodings moved them from mangrove swamps to the southern plains of our shores.

“It seems far more likely that the holes in sarsen were made by mangroves, which thrive in salt water and put out a spreading maze of roots which help stabilise the plant in soft mud” Malaga Bay

Transported by conventional means to Gordon Square in Central London, this monolith marks 75 years of burrowing in the earth for answers, by the nearby Institute of Archaeology…and makes up the Taoist element for this month’s Bastet’s Pixelventuressarsen stone

We are earthworms of the earth, and all that
has gone through us is what will be our trace.’
Seamus Heaney ‘Station Island’


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