JJJ Challenge: Just Jane

Am walking with Frizztext in the JJJ Challenge:

joy in the jayne
made with Tagxedo

Actually its just Jayne, the additional letter supposedly adding a jaunty flourish to an otherwise common-or-jardin nomenclature. It’s my middle name, the feminine of my father’s, John, and joining phonetically with Jennifer, my sister.

But still Jane is just so plain – or is it? Just because of the monosyllabic sound and its obvious matching meter, there’s no justification for this. After all, Jane rhymes with champagne, conjuring a Jeroboam of joie de vivre, And returning to the origins, Jane/John/Joan mean  ‘grace/gift of God’, derived from the hebrew, Jahweh+chonan. That’s reason enough for joy though there are far fewer Joys than Janes in the world!

Addendum:  My forenames are the juxtapostion of opposites: the fanciful and the ordinary, the flighty and the grounded. I should be fairly balanced but…anyway here’s how I came to be Laura – Naming Names

Wriiten (as well) for the Daily Prompt: Name That: You Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you?


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