3 into 1 does go

For anyone interested in creating triptychs, here’s another way of doing it, gratis. As in my  last post I often use Picasa 3.9 collage maker but it can blur or splices image edges to do so.

1. If you have a photo manipulating software such as Photoshop the same steps apply but this tutorial is aimed at Serif’s PhotoPlus Starter edition – free download

2. Here are four, free triptych templates (jpg) – I chose the A4 portrait – download from ‘Photo Answers’

3-into-1 Triptych

screen grab - photoplus selecting and copying image3.  Launch Photoplus & do menu/file/open to import the template (jpg). Repeat for your chosen 3 images to construct the triptych [Photoplus opens each as a separate document visible at the base of the screen]

4. Open your 1st image choice from the documents footer with a single click – go to menu/select all and then copy

screen grab- selecting black triangle and pasting into the slection

5. Now bring up the  portrait template , by clicking its icon in the footer, and choose the magic wand tool (at the bottom and six along on the menu bar)

6. With the magic wand, click on the top black rectangle to select it – then go to menu/edit/paste into selection. Your image will be inserted where the black rectangle was!

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the next 2 images to complete your 3-1 triptych

1-into-3 Triptych

1. Choose one portrait image, that is suited to being virtually spliced into 3 parts

2. Do steps 4-5 as above

3. with the SHIFT KEY DOWN, click the magic wand on each of the 3 black rectangles.  This will select all of them  – go to menu/edit/paste into selection. Your image will be inserted as top, middle, and bottom sections  where the black rectangles were!

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3-into-1 triptych
1-into-3 triptych