Get a Grip on your Gravatar

When the orange star alert appears in the WordPress notifications box, it’s like a short ring at the doorbell – someone came, someone called. You check the Gravatar to see a stranger – looks interesting, but a hover over the avatar and the profile reads ‘a fat expert doctor’. Evidently a troll, wastrel, self-publicist.

My Profile/add websites

Another orange star and another new visitor – this time when you hover the mouse over the avatar there is nothing written in the profile. You have to click on the image and go to the website/blog to find out if they are mutually likeable.

At other times, the bio suggests an interesting blogger, and the notification bar will take you to their site. However, if you choose to pursue your ‘likers’ from the post footer, the icon goes straight to their Gravatar  Then you click on ‘View the Complete Profile’ but…there is no link to follow them through; no contact, no web or WordPress site. In short, another dead-end. More frustration!

Why bother to fill in name , add a picture put in a bio description  and then not take the extra step so others can find you, to reciprocate your visit. It’s just one extra step – my profile/add website

It can be argued that everyone should be allowed to do what they will with their Gravatar but my gripe is only because if you’ve bothered to come and like my post I might want to reciprocate. After all, isn’t it time-consuming enough, to find fellow bloggers to follow, in the vastness of the blogosphere?

3 WordPress blogs and a twitter account!

So get a grip on your gravatar and by complete coincidence here is a hot-off-the-press post on how to “Add your WordPress sites to your Gravatar Profile’


7 thoughts on “Get a Grip on your Gravatar

  1. One of my followers clued me in to the fact my avatar had a broken link. Because I never click on my own avatar, I never would have known about it. It’s good to do general housekeeping with the technical side to social media every so often for the very reasons you list.


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