Digging deep

footprints & feathered hole in the sand

Therapist: Your parents are worried about you, you know. They’ve brought you to see me because of that. Apparently last week on the beach you would not join in with the sandcastle building but sat apart digging a hole and decorating it with feathers. Your Mum took this picture to show me.

Child:  [Silence]

Therapist: I look at this photo and wonder if it means anything. Your Mum thinks it’s because you’re afraid of achievement, fearful of being ambitious and failing. She sees the Greek mythical figure of Icarus represented here, after he’d plummeted to earth. That’s quite an interpretation!

Child: [Silence]

Therapist: Maybe you’re just being awkward, like your Dad says. Wanting to be different from the crowd. Other children build tall sandcastles and so you do the opposite. Actually I think it’s probably lots of things, and a good sign  too. Shows you can look inward, and maybe figure things out for yourself.

Child: No!

Therapist: No to what?

Child: None of those things. I want to fly away…I want to be with my Grandmother

Therapist: [pause] And where is she?

Child: In Australia – deep down in the opposite side of the world

Inspired by the Daily Prompt:  Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHILDLIKE.


2 thoughts on “Digging deep

  1. This reminds me of the story about how the child in the classroom only drew pictures with black crayons. The parents took her to see a therapist, and everyone tried to analyze her behavior, sure she was on some dark path. Turned out she picked black because it was the only color left after all the other children chose their crayons. 🙂

    Sometimes, things are much simpler than they appear. Good take on the prompt.


    1. thank you – I enjoyed this prompt! Your story reminds me of my son painting his pictures all black – when asked why he said he was creosoting the fence like his Daddy! As Freud said:”Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”


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