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1000 thankyous

big heart - covent gardenToday I received the 1000 followers badge, and for a blog that is relatively new and does not post regularly, I am somewhat bemused. Most readers arrived here after my featured, apocalyptic post: Metamorphosis: the end is beginning. The ‘Freshly Pressed’ badge that one can display after such a spotlighting, draws in followers like bees to a honeypot, but often without the reciprocally fulfilling relationship.

Some followers are time wasters, self publicists or advertisers and thus make a mockery of the stats and number crunching. I wish there was a way of sifting them out! Others could pinpoint me in the way of a mutual arrangement but fail to fill in their follow-up links and details. My advice therefore is to Get a Grip on Your Gravatar

Best of all are the people who stop by to like, read and comment on my posts. You know who you are and for that I really do thank you.

And since this is also the 1st of November, now is a good time to reach more readers and read more writers. Hence I’m giving it a go on NaBloPoMo circuit and aim to post a one a day for the rest of the month – it was either that or grow a moustache for Movember .




playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

12 thoughts on “1000 thankyous

  1. I didn’t know you we’re freshly pressed! Congrats. I must have just missed it because I took the summer off from blogging. 1,000 followers is a great accomplishment, to. But I know what you mean – a lot of the following isn’t genuine, which dilutes the excitement a bit. I always scratch my head when I get a new follower but he/she doesn’t ever comment on any posts. Why is that person following me then? Obviously, it is to get me to click on their site, but I prefer to spend my blogging time with genuine readers who really take an interest in what I have to say.

    Good luck with your plans for November! Although, the mustache idea would have been intriguing.


    1. some ‘ghost’ followers do not even have a link to check on them so the purpose is perplexing. by definition writers’ blog posts take longer to read & can’t have too many, so I do appreciate your support


  2. Wow … I have been blogging for …hmmmm… Years and don’t have a ton of followers but nobody that I don’t know online either… Congrats Laura…. I used to post everyday until the past year…. Michelle


    1. it don’t mean a thing if they are mere ships that passed along in the night for reasons other than interest. Your followers are true wildlife likers 🙂


  3. I totally agree on the Gravatar thing! It’s always disappointing if someone leaves a comment but you can’t follow them because their gravatar shows nothing but their picture, even though this little gadget allows you to put in all your blog links. Wish WP did a “Gravatar 101” or something…


    1. Important to speak our minds sometimes! the gravatar is such a useful link up and could help sort out the dross from the genuine if only it were more fully utilised


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