what’s love got to do with it

embracing couple sculputed frieze - st pancras station
What’s love got to do, got to do with it
What’s love but a sweet old fashioned notion

I’ve reached that stage in life where even if I don’t quite look like a little old lady, I’m beginning to sound like one. By that I suppose it means that each generation believes in the rightness of the principles, ideas and ethics of  their youth and any change to that summons consternation, if not, disapproval.

When it comes to courtship and passion I would have thought that there were some immutable processes. But this frieze at the base of the romantic ‘Kiss’ sculpture on St Pancras station, says much about modern lovers. They go out together and throughout their togetherness, each will suddenly separate off, diving for the mobile and then proceeding to speak to someone else, or else fixating on the tiny screen and pressing buttons in a morse-code sounding, text messaging frenzy.

What has happened to gazing into each other’s eyes, making the loved one the focus of the time together, the art of conversation, the silences that speak volumes. Or instead of communicating face to face, do couples merely text each other over coffee/dinner/a drink at the pub, and is this messaging mania an indication that youth are just too cool to drool?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this – and agree! I am all about old fashioned LOVE! On a quest to bring it back. Best wishes with NaBloPoMo and your bloggin!


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