missing the north-west corner

writing corner portrait The space I use for writing my blog posts is tidily stuck away in a corner of the main room but according to the Feng Shui dictacts there is much amiss with this site.

Foremost is the fact that missing from the ‘Bagua rectangle’ of the domicile layout is the North-West corner (which is incorporated into the next-door apartment). On the boundary of this ghost space is my glass-topped desk, put together from a DIY pack with badly translated instructions from Chinese. Still it holds up stationary, writing tools and computer…but I digress.

Without the North-West corner, the Patriarch (that’s Mr G) is liable to suffer from illness and financial troubles which could explain a great deal. This area is apparently governed by the metal element so it would help Mr G if certain objects were placed here.

Having the computer in the North-West is regarded as a good substitute but so too is a horse. A statue would do though I don’t possess one. What is contra-indicated is any water objects or shapes i.e.wavy.  Each side of my writing space I have hung two framed prints by Ron Picou. Dripping with Spanish moss the swamp cypress trees stand deep in the Bayou but at least it’s as still as a mill-pond.

And as if that were not enough, we have to add in the influences from the Year of the Yin Water Snake 2013. It’s good news for NW head of household as Mr G is bringing wealth but Sui Po (a bad energy) is visiting so no renovation, digging or noise must happen here. And its vital that I do not sit in this corner with my back to the East – exactly as I do!

It’s not that I’m a believer is such things but maybe fengshuing the work space will improve my writing and increase the output for NaBloMoPo!

Written for the NaBloPoMo Day5 prompt: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?


7 thoughts on “missing the north-west corner

  1. Hmm, I wonder if I am sitting in the NW corner. Looking at the house this is certainly the case, and my back is to the SE. And I am surrounded by books, no pictures and no horses, but I do look out over the garden…


  2. I once read this little book “Decluttering your home”, which explained some of the Feng Shui beliefs. I saw a lot of truth in the explanations, and did as much as I could during decluttering to rectify some wrongs. The book also said that according to Feng Shui it’s not good to have your bed set up in a way that has your feet pointing towards the loo – but there’s absolutely no way I can change that with the layout of my flat :-(. Guess it’s a good excuse, though, if things don’t go as planned “it’s my feet pointing to the loo, I’m afraid” :-).


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