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Thanks to Donna @ Garden’s Eye View whose last comment prompted the idea of sometimes combining my two blogs in posts for NaBloPoMo – day #6

blue skies puddle
Wordless Wednesday: Blue skies

Here in the South of the UK, November has been more or less mild, very wet and extraordinarily windy at times. Not particularly inviting for a walk but in between the drenchings, I like to wander about, camera at the ready,  in search of puddles. Capturing the glass-bottomed ‘world at our feet’ is a favourite occupation

Here I focused on an upside-down version of Victoria House, by Bloomsbury Square. Built in the 1920s for the Liverpool Victoria Insurance company and designed to “add to the dignity and beauty of the metropolis”. Only when I looked deep into the puddle did I notice that up above, was a startlingly blue sky.

It’s true that I do like to have my feet on the ground but without the upward perspective, there is no balance. As with all major cities, London is increasingly scraping the sky with a plethora of notable towers. More and more of our heaven is blotted from view so that eventually we will have to look down to see what is up there. For now at least I’m content to be a puddle lover but aim to point my camera the other way more frequently, whilst there is still space to see.


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