Don’t go there

Day #7 of NaBloPoMo and a photo essay: A graffiti artist adds flourishes to the plain red and white design of ‘No Entry’ signs. Seen in Bruges, Cornwall, South London and here in Marchmont Street, Covent Garden.

no entry sign graffiti
Lovesick people are away from love and want to be in love.

I look at this and see love sickness – bent double from the pain, nauseous with the hunger for love – though the little blue semi-sphere is a mysterious element. Maybe its a waxing or waning moon – the milky satellite that tugs at our heart strings and glows over nocturnal romance. So real is this connection however that research suggests that the lunar cycle could affect survival rates after heart surgery, with those going under the knife under a waning full moon less likely to die.

Anyway to love or not to love that is the question. The old adage is affirmative: “It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all” – a saying that encapsulates the difference between lovestruck, lovelorn and/or heartbroken compared to that longing for love. Lovesick is a grief for what we yearn, an anger for what we do not have. But venturing down this road is fraught with perils so it’s wise not to enter without a clear head and a strong stomach.

Of course interpretation is a freeway of the imagination. The sign is after all a stick man, looking like a sailor, bent over, Covent Garden. Better not go there.

Postscript: The identity of the artist is apparently a Frenchman living in Italy: Clet Abrahams


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