T is for Tragedy

Am tagging along with Frizztext’s TTT challenge today:temperate weatherI terminated the NaBloPoMo try-out as it was too testing and then when Typhoon Haiyan toppled the Philippines, the taste for trivia temporarily left.

Our weather is tame even when torrential and yet still we complain – until the televising of the tragedy effecting tens of thousands in Tacloban alone, tempers our complaints. I trust the Aid will reach the targets and our charity will not be trashed by scammers and top-heavy administration fees. Here are some tips for giving
1. Give to established charities via established outlets eg banks
2. Not over the phone – third-party telemarketers may be keeping a “big chunk” of your donation
3. Never send cash
4. Designate the disaster

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) will make a televised appeal on Tuesday evening here in the UK.


6 thoughts on “T is for Tragedy

  1. Nicely done Laura. Plus sound advice on giving. I hate that it is so easy to get cynical nowadays about where the money actually goes when you donate, and chasing down the stats for individual charities isn’t entirely easy. But how can one not yearn to help in the face of such overwhelming tragedy.

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