Case study

little red caseThe small red case stood upright  in the sunshine, looking even more diminutive in the lee of the London Plane tree. As I crossed over the road, I had an impulse to scoop it up and take it home or rather grab the handle and let it tag along. More because it looked so lost and abandoned rather than the fact that I’m in need of an overnight bag.

Often people put things out on the street for others to take and nothing stays discarded for long. Instead of taking it, I took its picture. Perhaps the case was not left but overlooked and that someone somewhere would be back to collect it. Had they jumped in a cab in a hurry and left their case behind? Had they jumped out of a cab and were visiting nearby but in the melee of luggage handling overlooked this one?

And what’s in the case? I was curious to look inside but curiosity has a cautionary tale.  I figured it was office related and uninteresting, girly and equally uninteresting, or more sinister and possibly something grisly.

Anyway I’m packing my overnight wheelie and heading off for a few days break. Meanwhile, I’ll let others use their imagination as to the contents or even how the case got here.


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