Dear Santa – send me a premium theme

After my last post ‘Case study‘, I nearly packed up altogether since for while there all my blogs were blocked by the IWF (along with thousands of other users). It’s taken a while to get back in the groove but cue the lights and along comes a feeling of cheer and the fairytale feeling that wishes can come true.fairytale at christmas lights decorNow I’m not really one for window shopping or trying on clothes for the sake of it but when it comes to WordPress themes I’m a bit  of a junkie. As soon as the new theme post pops into the inbox,  I dash off into the dashboard and try it on.

Many times I’ve looked at the possibility of premium themes and/or custom design where I can modify fonts, colors etc to my heart’s content. The problem is how to justify the annual expense when the blog itself does not earn its keep. Ads are not the answer as my adage is ‘I’m a person not a purse’. Even so, free themes come with ads aimed at the visitor which makes me feel a little guilty.

No blog theme is a one-size-fit-all and for this my more wordy blog I’ve been very happy for a while with the magazine style ‘Expound’ but for a short seasonal change I’m getting into the ‘Spirit‘ of the season – and I hope this does not make me sound like a freeloader – but Dear Santa if you want to pop a premium theme into my stocking here are some I particularly like the look of:-

I’d love to hear from anyone with theme preferences, and those who have bought into flexibility and premiums choice. Meanwhile I hope the magic of Christmas is growing on you.


19 thoughts on “Dear Santa – send me a premium theme

  1. Like you I am an utter theme junkie – time sucking pursuit – and love your seasonal. I gone with a new banner and snow because I’ve already bitten the bullet and customised my 2013 theme after changing from 2012 and looking at MANY others for MANY hours.
    BTW I think I still get ads on mine??????

    I also really like Portfolio but isn’t that more for snappers rather than thoughtful writers?

    Linen is all about but before you splash the cash look at the free ones and the do what I did/do and change colours to heart’s content.

    Looking forward to your decision.


    1. appreciate all your feedback Mrs C. Portfolio is more a mag style but pricey. Can’t afford to splash the cash but allowing myself some wishful thinking! p.s. no ads I can see on your wonderful blog


      1. Oh do let me know – they keep flashing up – your readers will see….. occasionally when `i thought by paying I got rid of that.

        Oops is portfolio – the dual column? Damn it now I have o go look – back in 5 hours.


      2. Ah no – Duet. Portfolio is the one I thought – lovely. The guys that make those – Portfolio, Linen, Duet, Watson seem very responsive – as they bloody well should be for the price.
        There’s a new one drawing me because it’s obv written by a Kiwi – something moana…. but me thinks the type’s too big. Readers would have sore scrolling fingers.


  2. Hi Laura, when I got to the text after your pic I thought you were writing about me 😀 . I’m a total theme junkie, too, and I’m always on the lookout for the new theme announcements.
    And I, too, sometimes feel like a freeloader because it seems I get so much for free and pay nothing. Then reason tells me if it weren’t lucrative for WP (through the ads) they wouldn’t offer this platform for free.
    While I would LOVE to have a premium theme with different colour and font options, I’m reluctant to pay as well. Especially as there are so many great free themes. I then reason that with my food blog the emphasis is on the food pics, not on some fancy font.
    As for the themes you have on your wish list, I like Portfolio best. Like mrscarmichael, I thought it was primarily a photography theme, but I tried it out on one of my food blogs that has lots of text, and it looked quite good.


  3. I love changing up my blog, but it can be a time sucker. I have never upgraded to a premium theme, although I do pay the extra $$ to have the “wordpress” omitted from my url. As I play around, there are certain elements that I absolutely love and need to have, such as being able to customize my header, turn off the comment feature, widgets, etc.

    I like this theme. It’s darling.


    1. time sucker – that’s a good one! can see the point of just being you in your blog as you’re a serious writer so would you purchase a theme if you earnt money from your blog? p.s. I love this theme but might look silly by Valentine’s day 😉


      1. If I earned money from my blog, I think I would purchase a professional theme that allowed me more freedom with features and photos and videos. This includes my freelance business website– once that starts generating more revenue, I would definitely pay to make my site look more polished.


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