Was it the wind and rain that tore the daffodil from the host,

buffeting the buttery head until it toppled like a traitor in the grass?

Or with fevered delight, did a child grasp a handful of warmth,

hearing overtures of Spring in the horn and trumpet mass

– before a scolding and the casting off of guilt?


7 thoughts on “Guilt

        1. I’m in agreement with you or I agree with you but either way my Indonesian is nil & I have utter respect for anyone who can speak their mother tongue well, let alone one other language, or even more!


          1. thank you…uuummm…I hope, I can learn more about english with you.. yes… so I can improve myself. and enrich my knowledge about english. if you find wrong grammar, etc…please, correct to me!

            let me introduce myself,, I’m Farida…


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