Cheers WordPress!

chip_theftA quick round of applause to WordPress who have listened to us bloggers and finally given us control of the re-blog option. Hackles were raised in the forums on this topic – see Ban blogs that only re-blog. After having several of my posts stolen scraped by a re-blogger with no content of their own,  I too was irked and fed up with having to report the site.

To end the re-blog option:

Dashboard/Settings/Sharing: Scroll to bottom of page and select:
Reblog button enabled/ Reblog button disabled (others can still quote you and link to you)

If any readers wish to re-blog the content,  it would just be a case of contacting the blog owner for permission and being given a window of time where the re-blog button was enabled. Simples!

…Err…how to make contact though? Have had a contact page in the past but was fed up with spam that go through or someone trying to sell me something. Leaving visible email is also not wise. Heck, keeping undesirables out is a bit of an all or nothing task.

I guess a simple request left in the comment box is the answer!

WordPress: A new design for sharing and re-blogging


5 thoughts on “Cheers WordPress!

  1. Oh fantastic! I hadn’t seen this yet. Have been so fed up with being reblogged lately – inspite of expressing the wish not to be reblogged and asking people to respect it on my blog – that I was seriously considering a blogging hiatus. Thanks for sharing this info, Laura!


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