Stuck on amber

amber the german shepherd dog
Half grown and heavier than the oldest man-cub in the pack
and teeth which crack a bone with ease but merely graze a hand in play
the cat disdains, but fears in turn the one quick bite and shake
as mouth on mouse or fledgling bird so practiced by the feline race,
– your strength’s the bond, fashioned with love from amber, and ivory black.

Written for 5 sentence fiction: Strength – and dedicated to Amber


11 thoughts on “Stuck on amber

  1. Glynis

    We had a lovely German name Queen when I was growing up, big, gentle and sweet, but was afraid of everything. Loved her, though. This picture and lovely story remind me so much of her. Thanks for posting.


      1. Would be too restricting – travel, holidays etc. Would never want to send a close companion to kennels! There are also lots of dogs round here. I see dog owners having trouble with the way their dogs relate to other dogs while on walks and, however friendly the dogs, they clearly interfere with the enjoyment of dogless people on country walks and the beaches too. Indeed, the friendlier the dog, the more annoying it can be – and I’d want a friendly dog! (A border collie, for example.) If I lived deep in the woods, away from other people and never went on holiday, it might be different.


          1. Agreed – but if you are wearing your best clothes and a friendly dog leaps out of a ditch . . . training is really the point and I hope I’d train a dog better than many I meet. (Holidays remain though.)


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