Catching on

after Eden
it was open season
for fish, salt or fresh
high-sky diving for the catch
an eagle did a duck dispatch
and switched to flesh
but a boy making ripples with his stick
caught on to fishing and ne’er looked back

The scene could have been staged but instead it was an inspirational freeze-frame moment when everything was in its right place – blue skies, Spring blossom, a London park, the Japanese garden, a duck passing under the gaze of the eagle sculpture, an Asian boy making ripples with a stick. Surely this is what inspired man to fish!

Written for Bastet’s Pixelventuresshow me a photo that was born of inspiration or of something that you were inspired to make.


10 thoughts on “Catching on

  1. I want to have a proper look around Regent’s Park, and I can see the flowers are starting to show. Nevertheless I am going to wait a while, especially as the weather is turning again!


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