Turning on a turophile

ribena drinksWhen the Daily Prompt dropped into my inbox, I was somewhat put out by the topic. Do they not know it’s Lent and many of us are eschewing the sugar-coated side of life until we end it all with a gorge on Easter eggs? Not me this time round – far worse, I’ve been on a controlled intake of sweet and savoury since January and all the goodies that have slowly piled on are even more slowly melting away. It’s not that I’m obese but I ain’t fairy toes either.

Sweet things at the moment consist of various fruit and veg juiced into ingenious concoctions in an attempt to inspire. It’s hard to get turned on by them though I try to get high on the intense concentrate of health-filling liquid. Spoons of malt and/or honey quell the sugar monster when it rouses in late afternoon and instead of the quick melting,teacake delight, the treacly textures allow time to consider the flavours on the tongue and the processes that go into making them. Even so there’s not much buzz. Fortunately, I’ve always loathed Coca cola and its fizzy fattening spin-offs but if I shine the light temporarily on my sweet dreams they are:

  • the sticky, roly-poly sensation of jam doughnuts
  • sinking deep down into the sweet and sour fluffy flavour of lemon & meringue pie
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk melting in the mouth and aided by a quick dunk in a cup of tea or coffee

In truth, I’m not so much a sweetie as a savoury and as a child would save up pocket-money for crisps rather than gobstoppers. The snacks that are my downfall  are those hand-to-mouth salty nuts, pastries, and potato chips, that are easier to pop than pills. But as a turophile, my one, true fix is CHEESE in every single manifestation, from cheddary flavours to the full on serious tang of man’s greatest invention.

But enough of this drooling – time for another carrot stick.

For turophiles with time to watch and salivate: Neal’s Yard Dairy

For the Daily Prompt: What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. Not into sweets? Tell us all about your weakness for that certain salty snack.


6 thoughts on “Turning on a turophile

  1. You crack me up:) You can’t eat sweets but want to know all about every morsel of sweets we eat? Well, …chocolate, the 72% kind and cookies, but after sweet I look for salt. Am Dutch, so it goes without saying that I’m a cheese person (Gouda, Brie, & Mozzarella in my fridge).


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