Seaside portal

Shot in high-contrast mono, a bleached out sky accentuates the ancient arch, tying the 1000 year old history of this harbour, rather emphatically, together.

boat and framed arch - high contrast monoTime was when Wells-next-the-sea
kept side-by-side proximity

til human error, time and tide
split land and water countrywide

spewed with earth the famous quay
fading to obscurity

 trading vessels and commerce
on the four winds did disperse

now a river ferries wretches
a sinuous mile along salt stretches

among the remnnants of this Norfolk port
the rowing boat is chief escort

Note: Not quite as bleak as painted here but the controversy over dredging threatens the remaining viability of Wells’ harbour

Written for Bastet’s pixelventures: Framed


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      1. Only now and then, Laura. Today will be a very ordinary day puttering in the garden and taking my brother to the dentist! But adventure is such a subjective term, and a trip to the corner grocery store can be an unforgettable adventure. You’ve got the eye to capture beauty and see the extraordinary where someone else might see the ordinary.


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