3 to the power of one’s life

existential_triptychThe winding road of life
Takes me from project to project …
I wander along these dusty roads,
Encountering friends and sometime foes,
I can’t help contemplating
Upon the purpose of my existence.

Is there some hidden meaning here …
Is there some magic power?
Can the Universe be swayed by us …
The babies of the hour?

Yet many walk in haunty bliss
Sure of the importance of their thoughts
Bastet wonders and thinks as she observes the sky:
Compared to eternity
What is a gnat’s life?
© Georgia S. Koch aka Bastet

the challenge is to ‘illustrate a poem‘ – these existential lines written by Bastet elicited a triptych – Pixelventures Sunday Challenge! June 22, 2014


5 thoughts on “3 to the power of one’s life

      1. Thanks, as I said, Leanne mentioned that she wanted a poem to try to illustrate, I’ve used her photos at times to write a story or poem and she thought it be interesting to do it the other way around…finally my brain got around it and I said … Hey! That could be a cool Pixelventure’s Prompt… et voila! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and you did a really great job!


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