C for Change

and coincidentally C for my 100th post…chewing on Churchill’s aphorism I consider that change is dependent on direction rather than frequency. Still one cannot compress too many circumstances into contracted sayings and I’ve chosen this precisely because the older I get, the more cautious and conflicted I am about it. [I could continue with the crank of having ‘the change’ conflated with menopause but hey, hormones come and go!]change_churchill_aphorism

Joining Frizz with an aphorism to match Tuesday’s: C challenge – scripted in Close to You calligraphy font [please no mention of the Carpenters here, unless Frizz can change the tune with a cool soundcloud]


7 thoughts on “C for Change

  1. if I were forced to choose between Carpenters and Churchill – I believe my choice would be Churchill:
    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
    or should I play on my guitar this:
    Carpenters – Top Of The World (Live at the White House)
    – and they are opening with GUTEN ABEND – that’s German, why?


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