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Squared summer mosaic

Whilst I like the singularity of specifics in language, when it comes to images, I’ve a soft spot for multiples: diptychs, triptychs and of course, montages or mosaics. In this simple ‘how to do it’, I’m using Picasa 3.9 – because its free to download and straitforward to use.

First I selected an image and applied the ‘Polaroid’ effect.  The default is a slanted image on a grey background but I prefer to rotate to the straight horizontal and change background image to white, as here:
2. Repeat the process to create 6 images
3. With any one of the polaroid images highlighted, go to

  • ‘Create/picture collage’ from the menu
  • Under the settings tab, choose Mosaic
  • change Page Format to widescreen (16*10)
  • check landscape format

Picasa’s polaroid gives that instant film look without the colour cast, creating a light and spacious mosaic that reflects this summer.

Postscipt: I’ve just discovered Rollip, an online image tweaker with a number of vintage filters and a polaroid frame effect – but that’s for another time.

joining Mary at the little red house with other multiple montages for Mosaic Monday



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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  1. I’ve never got into mosaics but one day they might be fun. I’ll keep an eye on the links you give.


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