H puts on Habit

Derived from Latin for condition or character, habitus came dressed as attire before being donned as a behaviour pattern or conduct.

As a physician, Hippocrates waves the double-edge sword of healing but in daily life harmlessness and helpfulness are a salve for the health of ourselves as well as others. A habit that is easier said than done if we are honest!


Today’s aphorism is in the handsome ‘Hanford Script’ for Frizztext’s letter H challenge


10 thoughts on “H puts on Habit

  1. hi Laura,
    thanks for your link to this great poem!
    “…On the second day the radios failed;
    we turned the knobs; no answer.
    On the third day a warship passed us, heading north,
    Dead bodies piled on the deck.
    On the sixth day a plane plunged over us into the sea.
    Thereafter nothing. The radios dumb;…”


    1. it’s an endless history of mankind pulled into escalation so often, getting cold and cruel, doing unbelievable harm to strangers, they call it WAR and so the think it is legal to be like a devil… actually in Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria etc.


      1. ah but the horses came back and in Muir’s post apocalytpic poem we have the chance to begin again: “Since then they have pulled our plows and borne our loads
        But that free servitude still can pierce our hearts.
        Our life is changed; their coming our beginning. “


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