London is red

red_londonLondon is red in nature
tooth and claw of people power
rummage, run, and rush the hour

London is red in nature
public beacons all erect
pillar to post and double-decked

London is red in nature
garden, square and park displays
hostage to profane highways

London is red in nature
pulse of capital arteries
filching, feeding, town and cities

London is red in nature
crimson king and scarlet fever
sanguine home on a tidal river

© Laura Bloomsbury 2014


9 thoughts on “London is red

  1. Nice one! Funnily enough I heard something on the BBC yesterday about the colour red, and how it was a status symbol in Henry VIII’s day and only certain top people could wear it. It was a much duller world in those days for most people. Thank goodness for the London omnibus! By the way, if you should want to look at that BBC article it’s on this link:
    All the best 🙂


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