three dimensions

opposites_diptychWith opposites we create contrasts, make bold statements in a bi-polar ending of differences. It is a worldview of extremes.It is the language of opposition and the ever-ready inference of conflict.

But there is a third way – the negative, which is neither one thing nor the other. Not a stated polarity but an assertion of negative being. So these trees are seemingly opposites – one growing in the full colour of life the other dying discarded in  monochrome. But what if we were to see them as one is growing, the other is not growing; one is grayscale, the other is not.

When there are no opposite words we conflate it with the negative so still we end up bi-polarised :I am Charlie; I am not Charlie; I am not not Charlie…I am all the probabilities in between and all the possibilities of another paradigm. Let us think and act in the third dimension so we do not have to keep on taking sides.

Written with little or no editing, and minimal planning  for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Opposite


10 thoughts on “three dimensions

  1. Never were these observations more timely, Laura. We have been ‘educated’ by the media to think in terms of either/or, for or against. This polarized way of thinking simply breeds more conflict, when instead there are responsibilities to be acknowledged and taken. If we acknowledge our part in a conflict, this does mean we condone the bad behaviour that may have been inflicted upon us; it means we try to work out what went wrong and do all in our power to find ways to make reparation.


  2. You strike such a chord with me here. I think most of my adult life has been spent not taking sides, not being part of a tribe, not identifying with one world view or another. It sounds wishy washy and weak but it is not. It is challenging and difficult. Think, think, think. Do not align yourself with any sort of mass reaction. Question. Challenge. If in doubt, which is a good place to be, be kind.


  3. We prefer to take the easy way out, hastening to label things and each other as “This” and “That.” Everything in life has an opposite, but we do ourselves a disservice when we label one opposite as right and the other as wrong, without questioning: right and wrong for whom. We are all infinitely complex humans but we don’t seem to want to embrace that fact.


    1. so true – we complex beings often act simplistically. everything has an opposite and a negative beautiful/ugly/not beautiful – the last is harder to categorise and take sides with so we tend not to include it so much – especially in the language of poltics

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  4. I think you raise a fascinating and pertinent point Laura. I agree with you the world is polarised and this impinges so much on the thinking of people. I like the solution you offer.


  5. The older I get the more convinced I am that everything is grey. Lots of different shades of, but all grey. This from someone (in)famous for having been passionately black and white in my younger days. The world I live in now is far more complex and challenging, but also more real, I think. Though I got a lot more done in those days…


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