Winter wet

triptych_photoku_shiver_patterngun metal liquid
leaves shivering in puddles
– tree pattern semblance

Combining photography & haiku for the Weekly Photoku challenge: shivering; pattern


14 thoughts on “Winter wet

  1. The picture on the right makes the biggest impression on me! Original hokku were all to do with writing “in” the season, for the season. Those leaves in the puddle rather than on the tree say so much to the observer.


  2. The gun metal liquid is a striking verbal image – and I think its visual counterpart is vital to making the point of your photoku — so — very well done 🙂

    And I’d caution about saying original hokku were all about staying within a particular season… The masters like Issa and Basho wrote many wonderful haiku that can be seen as a bit ambiguous, season-wise. So write what your heart wants to write 🙂

    Love this. 😀


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