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Lenten intention

1-crocus_b&wI waste far too many hours on trivia and probably eat too much. Lent is therefore a most opportune moment to redress the balance. Aside from the dietary approach of less is best, I intend also to reduce my habitation of the virtual world. This will give time back for reality and more space for the spiritual.

Posting not more than once a week, it will also mean less blog visiting. The stats may sink but the sap is on the rise.

May the intentions strengthen as the days of Lenten lengthen



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10 thoughts on “Lenten intention

  1. I am attempting to do the 5:2 diet as my own version of less as far as eating goes. Quite suits me so far. The inhabiting of the virtual world is a tricky one to balance. There is no doubt that my life is richer as a result of blogging in particular including the connections with blogs such as yours. There is also no doubt that it is easy to waste a vast amount of time on trivia which contributes little. Good luck with both.


    1. the 5:2 diet is similar to the catholic fast and a good way to strip the flesh and bare the soul 😉 I too am on that pathway. Hope we both succeed! Blogging has brought many riches including contacts across space and time but I get too carried away with it all –


  2. More power to your good intentions, Laura. I think I need to hitch a lift on your coat tails – less eating, less blogging, and more concentration on the strictly nourishing for mind, body and spirit.


  3. I agree it’s quite tempting to while away time on the internet, especially with blogging. Although I’m not fasting in any way I have consciously not switched on my computer first thing while the coffee percolates for the last few weekends. Only checking emails and blog comments for half an hour in the evening, and I found it quite liberating even though I’d never felt bad about spending my time in the virtual world before.
    All the best for getting through lent!


  4. RL preparing garden, and house, for the builders on Monday
    means virtual life must wait
    until I’m using the computer to get thru the building time.
    Circle of life. ish.
    Blogging is going thru changes, getting quieter.


  5. Lovely thoughts Laura….I think it is amazing how each of us celebrates our spirituality. With our excessive snow, the internet is the only respite we have from the isolation right now. But I do try to work on something each Lent. This year it is an internal working….


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