Pollen count

hayfever_planesTearful goodbyes
heavily disguised
in hay fevered eyes

cascading rain
trichomes down the drain
discards of the London plane

likewise we’ve come apart
grasp the clean start
fresh bleeding heart
©Laura Granby 2015

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4 thoughts on “Pollen count

  1. Sorry about the allergies. I know they can be awful! Mine hit me about July, when the corn starts tasseling. And since I live in the U.S. corn belt, there’s no escaping it. Glad it doesn’t last year-round, like some sufferers. Your poetry and images are so creative! Take care, Laura.


    1. not so much allergy as trichome detritus from London Planes being blown into eyes and nose on cold strong winds right now – need a deluge to wash it all away. Thank you Beth for your lovely words – I guess if your corn belt had more tree boundaries some of that pollen would be filtered – but then tree flowers can be a problem to some too 😥


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