Holding their own

1-wildflower_smallIn amongst vivid oriental
a wild flower almost incidental

blooms in pale significance
versus papaver magnificence

thus juxtaposed, the carmine hybrid
blowsy, fringed and over heated

the plain can always hold their own
long before beauty is over blown

Joining in with Poets United on Sundays


25 thoughts on “Holding their own

  1. Oh Laura this is wonderful…so glad you have joined in and I love this image and poem…that is one of my favorite “weeds” that grows in my garden…such a special flower that never fails to bloom and delight! And the metaphor here is not lost on me….simple life, simple beauty!


  2. totomai

    Wildflowers are beautiful aren’t they. Looks like a farewell to spring flowers or it was summee flowers turn to bloom 🙂


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