My lines


We pass each other with a gasp
masked in shades,
deign to see and reconnoitre paths
that led us to this this far-flung age

from limpid pools the damp has crept
watering of their own accord
yet once your eyes unguarded spilt
blueness falling overboard

immutable this slump in passion
fire engulfed Prometheus
and all the bile of wretched separation
sickened – and then tired us

Goodbyes need not be so anodyne
a nudge-nudge nugget of suggestiveness
“come up and see my jottings sometime”
– after all, you loved my lines the best
© Laura Granby 2015

An old flame flickering for Poetry Pantry on Sunday.


32 thoughts on “My lines

  1. ‘a nudge-nudge nugget of suggestiveness’ – ooh we like this very much…so many wonderful associations and images…surprising what crossing paths stirs up…


  2. totomai

    the photo is a great support to the poem actually – like the details on it.

    the moments of crossing paths are always surprising – sometimes it’s a total recall of the past, sometimes a blur


  3. Laura your poems were always so thought provoking and I adore reading them especially accompanied by your incredible photos…this one is really fabulous as it tumbles out the bile of the relationship one wants to forget and maybe never see again….


  4. “yet once your eyes unguarded spilt
    blueness falling overboard”

    THIS is astoundingly clever and so very descriptively beautiful and brilliant 🙂


      1. Well, that’s okay…once in awhile it’s okay to let a few words go to your head, and that line was just stellar so I’d say this is one of those times when the head swelling is entirely warranted 😉

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