Being six

sea, sand and blue sky memories of being six
Being six

monotonous months of monochrome light

drear and cold as the fifties withdrew
when the sky suddenly turned a miraculous blue

riding cloud nine on that very first flight

where fairy pink shells were scattered in sand
and hoof prints of sea horse went cantering round

a rubber duck ring buoyed a salt water sprite

there were buttery crab petit déjeuners
a locket and laughter for an age six birthday

it was all seaside love from the very first sight

and Dad in his shorts and holiday frame
– what a change.

© Laura Granby 2015

A simple poem to suit the age as I join other versifiers  for Sunday’s Poetry Pantry . And the Midweek Motif  is SILENCE.


41 thoughts on “Being six

  1. What wonderful memories shared. Six is such a delightful age…my granddaughter just passed through it. Enjoyed ‘a locket and laughter.’


  2. totomai

    the sky is beautiful – loved the contrast against the golden sand.

    the poem is a fantasy – the imagination is coming fo life. as long as we can remember the time we spark our imaginations – it will be never ending.

    thanks for sharing this

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  3. The Literary Doc

    I love how deceptively simple this is, but when you really look harder you see how you’ve pieced it all together. I especially love how the lines in italics rhyme. Nice craftsmanship here!


  4. This is so very magical…the sea horse cantering and the salt water sprite….ooh, this whole thing is so, so decadent with images of childhood fantasies. Love it 🙂


  5. Those years from 5-7…oh the magical memories at the beach…I was laughing when I read ‘a rubber duck ring buoyed a salt water sprite’….I know that sprite. Laura you have such a way of weaving these memories with fabulous words chosen perfectly to make these images of memories we all want to relive.


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