Canned nostalgia

faded rose detail - polaroid effect

Once more I’ve been drawn to the lure of the polaroid, having found a copy of Jon Nicholson’s ‘Seaside Polaroids’ in a local bookshop. A relatively recent publication (2013), nevertheless the vintage camera and out-of-date film captures the shabby chic appeal of England’s coastal towns before they come alive to the bustle of holidaymakers.

Nowadays there are repro versions of the polaroid camera as well as phone app filters and software that re-create that retro atmosphere. It’s also possible to have digital images printed in this format…but I just go with Picasa 3.9

  1. Choose a suitable image – faded old and bold is the desired effect
  2. Add cross-process filter (can adjust % of effect)
  3. Add 1960’s filter (can adjust % of effect)
  4. Add polaroid frame – straighten if desired & change background hue

The canned nostalgia effect might even add a spark of interest to my versifying. Polaroid poems – sounds like a likely theme!

Google download: Picasa 3.9 
Telegraph gallery: Jon Nicholson – Seaside Polaroids

Arty lovers should see ‘A place for Art that steals the heart’  – using polaroid to good effect


8 thoughts on “Canned nostalgia

  1. The effects are fascinating: a bit like time travelling before one’s very eyes. Just for a bit more nostalgia, the colour palette of the large image reminds me precisely of those yummy little paper-foil wrapped chocolates from Terry’s. I’ve forgotten what they were called, but I used love both the wrappers and the contents.


  2. I like to play around with those effects in PicMonkey. I try not to get too carried away, but sometimes it’s simply fun to play around with a photo and see what you get. Most of the time, I simply crop and add a watermark.


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