safe in the aquarium - poemmy analyst would have seen a green light
– were it a watery dream;
leaping fish in a passion’s swell
a deep-sea dive over the dam

but it was no waking fancy
Autumn rain, shoals of glitter-ball
frantically feeling a way to the sea;
how still we stood, in thrall to it all
the storm that sent us sheltering there
beat the boundary walls

water everywhere like the poem, a hymn
to land lovers far from peril in the deep
breathing to a two-stroke rhythm
no occasion for snorkel or scuba tank
safe in the aquarium

Polaroid poems – a developing theme of nostalgia with a light-touch and a hint of a smile on past events, real or imagined
– to join with the versifying at Poetry Pantry


30 thoughts on “Aquarium

  1. This felt like a dream. The therapist, the water, the nostalgia, the danger, then the safety of the fish tank. I like the form. It seems like it mixes reality with some humor.


  2. i was thinking about a present storm – literally / figuratively.

    is bournemouth in UK? i’ve been to bournemouth once – i liked the place and blog about it before.


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