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dragonfly polaroid poem
mid-sentence they held my attention
eye-catching sparks of early bright sun
maydaying in becalmed acres of grass

I figured metal foil loosely crumpled
resplendent, silver-quickened
not gaudy geegaws, gold or brass

one of nature’s objet trouvé trinkets
clichéd on pendant, brooch or bracelet’s
charm – semblance of wire and plexiglas


a dessicated old soul of the season
earth and blunt blades a lasting lament
dragonfly’s congenital completion

October and we cannot fail to remember
thought-stopping sparks of enlightenment
lines of faith re-drawn in water

Dedicated to the memory of a devoted friend and teacher – and joining with other Sunday versifyers at  Poetry Pantry



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

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