Octopus jamboree

octopus jamboree - enjambment poem - eight limbed pussy in limbo
dances at the shipwrecking seas
on-set of adventure by tiptoe
in the hold; to reccy the car
goings on of the lost
and foundering depart
meant for deliverance

Pearls for eyes* and tooth
some-rsaulting grin, a velvet prod
noses the in-betweens of star and port
beam of murky light; nemesis in braille for
pining the waste of want octopus counts
up its chainlink of token anchors
away in the straddled lair.

*nod to Arial as Shakespeare & Eliot

Venturing into enjambment @dversepoets whereby the end may-be the start of the next line or the word is hyphenated in-to two!


37 thoughts on “Octopus jamboree

    1. glad you asked – simply put the octopus reconnoitres wrecks – reaching through and under ships’ beams like a limbo dancer – a light-hearted play on words and using the slippage of words from one line to the next – e..g
      shipwrecking seas
      -set of adventure


      1. Thank you, Laura…I like that name too. :~) I’ve seen some documentaries on octopi (is that correct?) and how intelligent they are, truly amazing. I would imagine that the shadowy side might be because of people who lay claim to the goods on those shipwrecks? I’m curious now…


        1. apparently octopuses or octopodes (Greek) but I too thought octopi like cacti with suckers for prickles!
          – and also laying claim to the wrecks – homes for fish shoals, hidey holes for predators and as for the drowned…
          “When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,
          They shall have stars at elbow and foot; “


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