salute poem - canadian war memorial, green parkThe boy climbed aboard
a ship-shaped playground of burnished granite
terra firma for adventure; the paternal gaze permissive
of distance growing between them
gave impetus to daring-do, and narrowing walls
mustered him further to the apex

then just before climax
blinded momentarily by late autumn sun
he hesitated;  a magical happenstance
etched leaves rising to the third dimension
crunched underfoot and the point of it all
shone subliminal through the passage of time

dead reckoning to Halifax the cusp’s co-ordination
for wars in Europe, port of embarkation
maple-leaved men spanned seas of dominion
roll-calls counted by the million

child-like he touched his head, perplexed
the boy saluted

© Laura Granby 2015

Canadian War Memorial, Green Park, London:

Something for Remembrance Sunday as I’m joining with the many talents at poetry pantry


28 thoughts on “Salute

  1. Such a profund poem – very much heightened by that powerful photograph…i wonder even if when fully grown people are sent to war they really know why…such a big sacrifice..


  2. “etched leaves rising to the third dimension” – love the imagery, symbolic meaning of connectivity all generations…subconscious feelings of the little boy toward the history, place and life values…


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