Spell of innocence

moth_polaroid_poemwould that innocence would stay –
a flickering fireside where an old cat sits
pine logs hiss and children play
word games help to sharpen wits
their laughter bubbles up in fits
when paw bats moth such comedy
close by flames the creature flits
burnt wings change to tragedy
compassion wells the watery eye
one small death and salt tears smart
the spell is broken by their cry
outrage from each woken heart –
“halt your grief and do not moan
soon your heart will turn to stone”

Keeping it simple and using the last word from each line of  Spenser’s sonnet for poetry challenge from the dversepoets poets bar: Bouts-Rimés Revisted


17 thoughts on “Spell of innocence

  1. I can feel compassion for the smallest of creatures myself so can relate. Innocence may be lost along life’s way but let’s hope that compassion never does. Thank you for a wonderful poem for our prompt today.

    Gayle ~


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