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He in perpetual motion
She alarmed by ardour feigns indignation
turns her back on the seasonal itch
allegretto tail flick switch

He in a mud puddle cools his heels
She with some puzzlement conceals
an instinct bubbling to the brink
seeks displacement in a drink

He treads water anxiously
She concedes on her bended knee
drum roll for a precipitous pairing
pigeon passion is unerring

Mating with IGWRT’s prompt:Transforming with Nature’s Wonders with this quick-fire rhymer and popping into Poetry Pantry too.



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

31 thoughts on “Lovey-dovey

  1. If they weren’t so passionate perhaps we’d a have few less to foul our environment. They could say the same about us too I expect! In fact we are indeed much the same.


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