A step too far

Once you cross the line
the going back has gone

we, the life is elsewhere believers
the golden age retrospecters
we are primed as rocket fodder
suckers on the sci-fi  writers

many, many have already gone
under the knife and withdrawn

we who protested population
viewed eugenics as liberation
upheld castration as vocation
we’ve opted in for exploration

out of the masses they are drawn
as isolates to switch attention on

the possibility of endless space
between here and an off-world someplace
numbers in a trial-and-error database
we the unknown unknowingly embrace

a prerequisite pre-fontal incision
after which they’ll need no decision

we’ve forgotten how we planned
can barely reason or understand
the ideal personality is bland
they have put our heads in the sand

it’s all been agreed between Nasa and Martian
no exploration beyond human cognition

Am enjoying listening on iPad to vintage BBC radio: ‘Jouney into Space: The Red Planet’ and was inspired by Izzy at Toads with this image for her: Soviet Kitsch  


20 thoughts on “A step too far

  1. Clever clever last lines there. Really good work done through out! Loved the use of rocket fodder and sci fi suckers. So rich! Thanks for posting to the out of standard.


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