The call of Spring

Out of Africa the home sickness is stirring
summons of a sometime stranger to a near mythic land
temptation of temperate mornings in a Spring mist
where white flowers froth the criss-cross patterned lanes
there I’ll perch and wait for the call

in the key of C minor he’ll begin to cook and coo
this year’s mate – it is the voice of victory
for our vast voyage,  urgent contrapuntal notes
that mark swift summertime and a descant of death
decaying in the long day eves

when cows nuzzle meadowsweet, I with watery notes
don raptor disguise so the little mewing birds do not dare
to peck and harry me from their nests
dunnock, pipit and warblers our favoured fosterers
for soon the departure song of the south has us
hazarding peninsula and desert
and the ten thousand miles back to Africa.

Footnote: Cuckoos, our classic sign of Spring are now an endangered species in most of the UK and BTO has tagged some for further study. Two are already on the North Coast of Africa ready to depart on their migratory route over the Iberian Peninsula back to their summer residencies – see Tracking Cuckoos to Africa and back again

Free verse for MLMM – tale weaver #61 ‘Departure






12 thoughts on “The call of Spring

  1. Your poem (which has so many lovely words and phrases – descant of death
    decaying in the long day eves – just one example) had me looking up facts on the cuckoos. I didn’t know they laid their eggs in other birds’ nests and then abandon them to foster parents. So interesting. Thank you


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