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watercolour photoart of kisame rain haibun
Water in a jam jar turning cartwheels with a swish of the brush. Whirls of colour, smudges and paint splashes. Cloud bursts gush the gutters and in the midst of cacophany are musical patterings from the overarching hawthorn where the chaffinch has her nest. Drips play clear, accelerando rhythms on greenhouse glass. It is rain showers beating in the heart of a child.

branches shake themselves
watercolours soon drip dry 
I am drawn to rain

Inspired by Toni’s Haibun Monday on 50 shades of rain where she gives us an array of Japanese words to choose from. Kisame means ‘rain that drips from tree branches’



playing with photography @ eljaygee whilst Tell Tale Therapy has a weakness for words

29 thoughts on “Kisame

  1. Laura, I love the watercolor analogy. This made me think of what happens when I work with Yupo–always so full of surprises. If you haven’t tried it, you might enjoy–it’s a synthetic paper. The haiku is marvelous, too.


  2. This is so rich in description.
    My grandmother was an artist and I remember mason jars for water or turpentine, depending on the project. Precious memories.


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