Only OM

moore's king and queen bronze - photoart & love sound poem
my photoart of Moore’s sculpture – King and Queen 

Certainly not violins and strings
could be doves cooing
even the sound of one hand clapping*
against another’s;  pat-a-caking
with the baker’s man or echoing
that indian love call highland fling

the unmistakable thud of falling
the cat who walks alone crossing
paths with another eschewing
company, light fantasy tripping
up and down the fingerpicking
fretboard of the real thing

a queen enthroned with king
the summer country wedding
summons up a certain resonating
polish to the gold or copper ring
– for sure love is sacred sounding
without the God blaspheming
no oh my! thunderbolt exclaiming

mm hmm love intones only OM

© Laura Granby 2016

*classic zen riddle or koan to lead the mind into silence

Walter @DVerse asks us to consider: the sound of love


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