darkling summer

poem - summer cusp
a darkling summer – photoart @hanging up to dry

It is that dry, restless time of year
up goes the cider apple cheer for the sake
of an opaque and mellow mildewed season
no rhyme nor reason nor fellow feeling
for summer’s stealing away without a bow

out comes the plough now harvester
has baled hectometres of ripe eared wheat
trampled by crow feet gleaners flattening
earth and worms and fattening in the gut
a thanksgiving glut before the fallow fast

nothing outlasts the annual treadmill
but ’til daisies bloom at damp-eyed Michaelmass
relish the impasse of worn out green to gold
September’s stranglehold; silent robin knows how
far past summer is from the bough

©Laura Granby 2016

Walt takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of rhyme and asks us to make use of this poetic musicality with optional reference to autumn in all its senses @ Meeting the Bar – the reason for rhyme 


19 thoughts on “darkling summer

  1. Not yet ready for autumn’s golden colors. I specially like the ending lines:

    relish the impasse of worn out green to gold
    September’s stranglehold; silent robin knows how
    far past summer is from the bough


  2. trampled by crow feet gleaners flattening
    earth and worms and fattening in the gut
    a thanksgiving glut before the fallow fast

    This takes a lot of thinking, when it involves the inner rhyming, flattening/fattening/thanksgiving then gut/glut. Hank finds end rhyming simpler to handle. Great lines Laura!



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